Can you flirt your way to a match before the time runs out?

Discover a world of flirts, or let them discover you! Dive in and ignite your inner flirt. You only have 24 hours to get to know your potential match. If you feel a spark, don't hesitate to let them know! And if you need more time to explore, hit the extend button. But, keep in mind, your flirt must feel the same way before the timer runs out.

Are you ready to embrace the thrill of the chase and flirt your way to a match?

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Be discovered

Get discovered by capturing stunning photos or videos from the homepage, and showcasing them on the discovery page.


Discover and connect with other flirtatious people on the discovery page and covey your flirt interest by sending them a flirt request.

match or extend?

Are you ready to put your flirting skills to the test? The clock starts ticking now!

You have 24 hours to make a match, but if you need more time, simply hit the extend button. If you feel a spark, let them know by sending a match request, but remember, the interest must be mutual before the timer runs out!

stories & premium

Dive deeper into the lives of your potential matches with our engaging stories feature.

For those seeking ultimate control, our premium packages allow you to force reset the timer and check whether your flirt has viewed your messages. Additionally, send a "super flirt" to instantly ignite the flirting or record up to a minute-long video to make a lasting impression. With unlimited flirt requests, the possibilities are endless.

Who will you flirt with today?